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     Qualıty Policy


SİPİL GROUP accepts the following rules as its mission to follow in all of its initiatives taking into consideration the principles of appreciating and creating values

  • constantly increasing the satisfaction of its customers, suppliers, subcontractors and employees,
  • addressing the needs of society by using science and technology,
  • manufacturing products and providing services with an understanding that aims to protect the environment and the nature.

In order to fulfill this mission, we have embraced a vision that regards;

  • Sustaining a participatory approach that places emphasis on team building while bearing in mind past experiences together with our employees
  • Benefiting from modern knowledge and contemporary technologies, constantly conducting research, developing and regenerating ourselves
  • Possessing the attributions of a corporate company, which is renowned, respected and sought both within national and international realms

Knowing that quality is an extremely important factor that impacts upon our ability to fulfill our mission and reach success, we will continue our pursuits towards becoming a global company.


SİPİL GROUP believes that the sustainability and development of a sense of quality is required in order to better grasp today’s rapidly changing market conditions and the demands that arise in relation to these and to adapt to the changing trends.

Via our Quality Policy, which we have formulated in line with the above-mentioned principles, we give importance to;

  • Providing products and services while regarding SİPİL GROUP principles and values along with quality commitments that have been undertaken while addressing and satisfying the demands of the customers,
  • Offering products that provide the most secure, aesthetic, affordable designs to the customers that are built using employees’ knowledge and experience along with the newest technologies,
  • Converting the customers’ expectations into products and services within the framework of laws and standards,
  • Ensuring a sustainable company culture that is sensitive towards the environment and the society and that does not make concessions pertaining to environmental and occupational health and safety rules and regulations while carrying out production and service processes,
  • Establishing and maintaining a quality system where SİPİL GROUP employees, subcontractors and suppliers all work in harmony and with satisfaction,
  • Creating a work environment within this system that provides opportunities for improving employees’ knowledge and skills on a continuous basis and where being peaceful and content with the place of work is considered significant.

While carrying out these policies, we set out knowing that team work, team building and ensuring quality are indispensable parts of customer satisfaction both domestically and abroad.

                                                                                                                   Hakkı BAYRAKTAR

                                                                                                    SİPİL GROUP Chairman of the Board

  Publication Date: 08.05.2014

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