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 Human Resources Policy

The objective of HR Policy established by SİPİL A.Ş  is to ensure the corporate sustainability of Sipil A.Ş  together with the individuals who are able to produce added values with high motivation, job satisfaction and efficiency in terms of the excitement to discover the future.

Our human resources policy that has been established on based of participation, teamwork, entrepreneurship, creativity, efficiency is an integral part of collective efficiency composed of joint decision-making and the joint production. 

This integral understanding of work, SİPİL AŞ achieved to have a family based happy and friendly corporate structure preferable by the employees.

The employees working at SİPİL A.Ş are not deemed as only the workers for the company, they are all deemed as the owners of the work to fulfill the requirements of always quality, cost efficient, production and service. 

The synergy created by this sense of ownership improves the efficiency of our employees with the support of effective communication, team work, continuous vocational trainings. This is the essence of the high performance in SİPİL AŞ.

SİPİL A.Ş attaches importance to the personal and occupational development so the company schedules regular trainings given all employees in scope of the certified total quality management system. These trainings are organized in terms of courses with free participation, seminars, symposiums, fairs and exhibitions held by the universities, chambers of commerce, foundations, industry associations within the body of the relevant training institutions. 

These regular and permanent trainings based on the development of skills and knowledge have a great role in the organizational success of SİPİL A.Ş to increase the performance and contribution of our employees in the work processes.

SİPİL A.Ş is assured of loyalty, skills and knowledge, compliance with the principles of business ethics and capability of all employees. 

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