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     Social Responsibility

 By adopting the customer satisfaction at all times, reliability and quality as the strict principles in the production of goods and services, SİPİL A.Ş always seeks the opportunities to integrate its business activities with the social areas. 

Thus, it is another important factor for SİPİL A.Ş to have contribution in solution of various problems of our country and region by means of social responsibility projects.

Since 1984, SİPİL A.Ş continues many different projects related to the social cooperation and solidarity works in scope of education, culture, arts, health and sports fields particularly in Manisa and İzmir. 

In scope of the social responsibility projects continued under the leadership of the Board of Directors of SİPİL A.Ş, the projects and performances of local governments, universities, non-governmental organizations, chambers of commerce are supported and contributed. 

SİPİL A.Ş supports all attempts aiming to enable our country to be productive, industrialized, modern, secular, democratic, social state of law based upon its principle of social solidarity.

SİPİL A.Ş,  has adopted to enhance its investments constantly in terms of its business activities involved in construction, plastic, steel and energy sectors with the awareness of the unemployment problem in our country as a major issue to be taken into consideration. 

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