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     Corporate Culture

 The fundamental factor enabling SİPİL AŞ to be successful with a good management in various sectors such as construction, plastic and steel construction is the corporate management approach. 

SİPİL A.Ş has provided all employees who are involved in the corporate organizational structure to take part in implementation process thus the decision-making, producing and collective efficiency turned to corporate identity. 

The core of corporate culture adopted by SİPİL A.Ş is the philosophy emphasizing the sufficiency instead of insufficiencies and the focus on sustainable team approach. 

The work team of SİPİL A.Ş includes the individuals working in coordination to achieve the predetermined common goals.

The work team of SİPİL A.Ş. has the tradition to move together with the awareness of the fact that; 

- They are interdependent individuals and take care of the integrity of business processes. 
- They do need the skills, experience and contributions of each other; 
- They all believe producing together and work together shall be more productive than  working alone.

The primary role of the Board of Directors  is to provide the work team with the synergy towards the common goals on based of  jointly established vision, mission, values ​​and strategy.

SİPİL A.Ş focuses on the process as much as the outcome. The business processes associated with feedbacks are considered as the sole essence of the corporate vitality. The data obtained is recorded in the memory of our team as a keystone to be benefitted during the whole process to reach the other goal.

The core philosophy lying behind the corporate culture of  SİPİL A.Ş is to perceive the success as if ;

-knowing the worth;
-creating value;
-corporate sustainable development 

thus to convey Sipil A.Ş. to the future associated with the innovation philosophy. 

By virtue of this fundamental principle forming our corporate culture, our standardized production with the total quality management practices, friendly approach to evaluate our customer  as a business partner,  our team work understanding aimed sustainability, we are able to achieve the best in every single project we committed.  

Seeking the excellence has never ended and will never end..

By virtue of producing the goods and services featuring SAFE, EFFICIENT, QUALITY, ECONOMIC STRUCTURES,  SİPİL A.Ş. will continue to make contribution to the development process of modern, industrialized and aspiring Turkey with strong capital structure, experienced management and technical staff, the strict principles and beliefs not compromising the quality. 

              GÜNCEL PROJELER

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